I’m a sixty-year-old (Wow — Does THAT feel strange!) who taught high school English for 452 years (OK, 38) and loves to write.  However, I think perhaps my friends tire of me going on and on sometimes.  If you are willing to come with me on this journey, I will love to talk with you.  I can promise you reminiscence, rumination, and a bit of ranting when I feel passionately about something.

Just so that you know who I am — Besides the teaching (which I loved so much that I went into English consulting after six months of retirement), I am the mother of a son and a daughter who really didn’t pluck my nerves TOO much while they were growing up.  She is about to follow in my footsteps as a teacher, and he will figure out what he wants to do one of these days.  It’s all good.

I love to cook, garden, read, and write.  I hate housework with a passion that’s hard to describe.  For this I went to college?  “Ring around the collar” is not something that bothers me a great deal, and dust bunnies do not attack.

I love high school football, teenagers, kids in general, politics, and chillin’ with good friends.  I will say pretty much anything, but always with a Southern accent.  My momma raised me right!





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